Thinning hair at the crown, bald patches, excessive hair loss... No way to prevent baldness can guarantee a permanent and 100% natural effect of maintaining hair volume. However, there are hairstyles that allow you to get an interesting effect when masking flaws. What hairstyles for balding people can be recommended? What hairstyles are suitable for bald patches?

Partial baldness can have a negative effect on self-esteem, so men struggling with this problem often wonder what haircut to choose for problem areas so that hairline loss is as minimally noticeable as possible. If we are lucky and have enough thick hair that we can grow, we can choose from a variety of curved hairstyles that will hide partial baldness.

Hairstyles for bald patches

The most popular hairstyles that can become a baldness mask include:

hairstyle with short ragged bangs that will cover the bald patches,
hairstyle with bangs combed to the forehead, combing the bangs and sides to the forehead, while maintaining long enough hair, will neatly close the gaps, at the same time you will get a really fashionable and interesting look,
hairstyle with bangs on one side, longer bangs combed sideways is a great way to disguise bald spots and create an interesting fashionable hairstyle,
shaded sides and open receding hairlines, short side and longer hair in the central part of the head, combed up and back, is a real hit of recent seasons - a hairstyle that is perfect, regardless of age and style of clothing,
longer, slicked back hair is a hairstyle that does not mask curves, but gives the face masculinity.

Pigmentation as an alternative to alopecia

If we don't have thick enough hair to use trendy haircuts for balding people, a short haircut and micropigmentation treatment can be an alternative. Micropigmentation is a non-surgical procedure, thanks to which we can visually thicken the hair and change its line, such as scaling the twists. Micropigmentation also works very well in the early stages of baldness. The procedure is carried out for the optical thickening of the hair, thanks to which hairstyles for balding people look very good and effectively mask the problem of thinning hair on the head.