The problem of baldness in men and women is not only an aesthetic problem. Very often, alopecia causes a number of mental ailments, including low self-esteem and depression. This is why hair loss therapy is so important and should be available to every hair loss patient.

As part of the treatment of baldness, we can choose a hair transplant or trichopigmentation of the scalp. A well-performed hair transplant will allow us to enjoy the fullness of the hair on our heads again. However, this is a very expensive pleasure and does not always bring the desired effect. That is why an increasing number of men and women struggling with the problem of hair loss decide to resort to medical trichopigmentation. Medical trichopigmentation is a specialized procedure thanks to which we can:

open the natural hairline,
cover baldness at the crown,
optically thicken thin and delicate hair,
fix the stubble line,
make facial hair thicker.

Hair trichopigmentation: why is it worth it?

The cost of one hair follicle transplant is about 1200 tenge. In order for the hair transplantation procedure to bring a visible effect, it is necessary to take into account the cost of several hundred thousand tenge. In addition, immediately after the treatment, we have a recovery period, during which we must follow the numerous instructions of the doctor.

Tricopigmentation is a minimally invasive procedure, after which we can almost immediately return to normal daily life. The procedure is also cheaper than transplantation, which lasts up to 2-3 years without the need for renewal. It is important to note that the effect obtained is resistant to factors that contribute to hair loss.

Additional benefits of medical micropigmentation.

Medical micropigmentation is successfully carried out on pathologically changed places, that is, in places where hair transplantation is not always possible. By combining the scalp micropigmentation procedure with the facial hair thickening procedure, we can achieve a very original, natural stubble effect, which we further deepen while maintaining our natural stubble at a constant length.

It is also worth remembering that medical trichopigmentation gives very good results in the treatment of thickened thin and delicate hair. Thus, this procedure is highly versatile, the benefits of which can be enjoyed by almost everyone.