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Low income and low salary do not allow you to realize all of your dreams?

We will give you the knowledge with which you will become a SMP master in great demand in any country and your income will be from $ 4,000 per month

in 2 days you will become a professional SMP master with the help of our author's course based on the American SMP school


hair tattoo training

Feel the scale of the problem

out of 10 sooner or later face the problem of hair loss
of the results of hair transplantation people have on average. We have daily demand from clients that are not satisfied with thickness and volume of transplanted hair.
get the result of treatment for baldness
get the desired result after the SMP procedure and completely forget about their problem


The only 100% effective solution to the problem of hair loss. SMP offers a permanent solution to mimic the appearance of hair follicles without surgical restoration, hair transplant or other evasive procedures.


Among the first specialists in the field of trichopigmentation and scalpmicropigmentation .


Have been trained by the best Italian and U.S. masters in the field of trichopigmentation and micropigmentation. They have a medical education, have been promoted in the field of trichology. They are constantly developing in this industry.
They are members of the global SMP community and own one of the best approved clinics worldwide.
They have exclusive distribution of the world's best SMP brands in the CIS countries and the UAE
Start today and be among the first in this young and fast-growing industry.
обучение трихопигментация
обучение микропигментация кожи головы авторский курс мастер SMP
2-day long original course on SMP scalp micropigmentation


1. Introduction
1.1 Information about us, "get to know us";
1.2 Information about the service Scalp Micropigmentation;
1.3 Comparison and difference between Scalp Micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation;;

2. The structure of the scalp and hair loss
2.1 Causes of hair loss;
2.2 Determining the degree of male pattern baldness;
2.3 Determining the degree of baldness in women;
2.4 Solutions and methods of treatment and masking baldness ;
2.5 Structure of the scalp;
2.6 Influence of the immune system on the pigment;
2.7 Features of the work of the SMP master on the scalp; ;

3. Equipment for work
3.1 Pigments;
3.2 Theory of color and pigment dilution;
3.3 Cartridges;
3.4 SMP machine;
3.5 Purchase of consumables (where to buy);
3.6 Preparation for work;


4. Basics of work
4.1 Drawing a sketch of the hairline;
4.2 Setting up the machine for work;
4.3 How to hold the typewriter correctly;
4.4 Creating a drawing and the Goals of each session;
4.5 Working out the edge line;
4.6 Practice on artificial leather;
4.7 Recommendations for the client Before and After the procedure;
4.8 Contraindications to Micropigmentation of the scalp;
4.9 Working with scars;
4.10 Practice on a live model;

5. Marketing and promotion
5.1 Creation and packaging of social networks
5.2 Instastories - sales tool;
5.3 Texts and visual;
5.4 Consultation;
5.5 Pricing;
5.6 Free and paid promotion methods;


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